An Award Ceremony
Like No Other

Honouring the unsung heroes
in your community

Welcome to the heart of Lancashire and the 2018 Fusion Awards.

In the past year we have seen individuals and groups challenging bigotry and intolerance as well as highlighting important issues within their neighbourhoods.

Our finalists and special awards recipients have shown they are able to rise above misconceptions and ignorance.

Each year the event attracts new audiences and new community groups from more and more diverse backgrounds and each year we are proudly able to state that the North West is a wonderful place to live and work.

We would like to extend a big thank you to the sponsors and partners who have continued to support this innovative awards ceremony and it is through them we are able to deliver an event of this calibre.

We are delighted that they are able to give back to the community they serve.

The awards are successful because of the people we honour and we are thrilled to have amongst us so many inspirational people.

The East Lancashire Deaf Society was named the Community Group of the Year. Afghan campaigner Marzia Babakarkhail was named Woman of the Year, whilst Blind Journalist Mohammed Patel won the Man of the Year accolade. Madhusudan Dave (pictured) was presented with the Community Achievement Award.

The Asylum Refugee Community (ARC) were honoured with the Community Cohesion Award and the Manchester Jewish Forum celebrated their tenth anniversary by winning the Community Group of the Year honour. Lancashire Lions Visually Impaired Cricket Club were presented with the Achievement in Sport Award.

The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment was honoured with the Community Cohesion award.
Rashmi Barker (pictured) named woman of the year for her work creating awareness of polio and student.
Aysha Sultan was presented the Education Achievement Award.

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    I can’t explain in words how tough my life has been. I have faced many challenges but it has made me very strong. I hope I can continue to support people. I am an Oldhammer and Oldham is my home and I dedicate this award to Oldham and Afganistan my family, my friends and all the people in the world who are making a difference

    Marzia Babakarkhail, Woman of the Year 2017

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    I am overwhelmed with the honour of receiving the award, after having the privilege of being head teacher for over 24 years, of a school with 22 first languages other than English and 24% children with special needs

    David Sharkey, Community Achievement Award winner 2016

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    I have never won an award before. It is a real honour and a privilege to win this award. Thank you to the Fusion Awards for giving me an opportunity to let people become aware of what is really happening in Syria.

    Dr Mounir Hakimi, Man of the Year 2014